Moreton Bay Kiting
Independent, safe, efficient instruction that will have you kiting as quickly and safely as possible.
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Moreton Bay is a wonderful asset for Queenslanders

I've been very fortunate to enjoy Moreton Bay both as a kiter and a casual sailor. The photo at left is taken looking south through Day's Gutter at the southern end of Moreton Island. Magic kiting, clean water, beautiful sand bars, rays all over the place, whiting scattering when landing jumps....but mighty cold toes after this sunrise session in a cold westerly in July!

There are many mainland sites in Moreton Bay that provide for excellent kiting. BKB's web site, and many others, give a good run down.

a)Brighton/Sandgate are excellent for unsupported beginners (but not at high tide...the rock wall is just too close) in any breeze with an easterly component;

b)Wellington Point can be fantastic in most wind directions other than due south - but choose the tide carefully and wear booties.

c)Redcliffe Peninsula has many good sites

d)Thorneside is good at high tide if the breeze has a northerly component

e)Thompson's Beach, Victoria Point is the best option in a southerly - but there is not much room for launching at high tide.

I will teach wherever students prefer to learn subject to safety and accessability. There are several schools/teachers in the northern end of the Bay - I do more teaching in the Redlands shire, principally at Wellington Point, Thorneside and Victoria Point.